Who We Are

Jen & Daniel

We are Jen & Daniel, a first generation team of business owners. We grew up in San Diego, California and both attended college at San Diego State University. Jen has a background in nutrition and Daniel has a background in biochemistry.

After we graduated college, we quickly found ourselves in our respective careers. We were happy with our careers, but we always wanted more. Not necessarily more things or more money, but more quality of life. We wanted more community and quality people in our lives.

Why We Started American Rookie

After moving in together, we realized that no amount of material things could fill our cup. We felt empty living in the city life, working in corporate jobs and being surrounded by the same city-and-corporate-people we were slowly becoming. We didn't like that. We wanted to build quality communities that emphasized the importance of togetherness through hobbies, mentalities, traveling, God, etc. 

We knew that the impact we could possibly make in our respective careers wouldn't have much of an impact. So, we decided to create our own business and establish a community of our own. 

Being New Business Owners

We knew nothing about business going into this. We don't have family that own businesses. It took a lot of learning and self-discipline to make this happen, and we still have so much to learn. We will tell you though, although building a business is immensely challenging, it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. We live for community, for learning, for connection, for exploring- and to put all of those things that we love into a brand is an amazing feeling. 

Our Values

We will always be 100% authentic to our audience, community and consumers. We believe in transparency.

We want to create a business that will not only employ American workers, but also unite our fellow Americans through the power of community. 

We believe that it all starts with an idea. The idea becomes part of your daily habits and routines. Those habits and routines become who you are, and who you are will naturally bring in people who believe and act like you. You then learn and teach one another and sooner than you know, you have more quality in your life. Quality from people, quality from conversations, quality in almost all aspects of your life.

Final Statement

We know it's just a hat. We know it's just apparel. But what you wear is a statement to the world that shows that you have these values, and you want to build life with more people like you. It shows that you can be bold and brave. It shows that you're more than what your degree or resume says. It shows that you're here for yourself, so you can be better for your family and your community. Get outside, learn something, stick to that hobby and build those relationships you've dreamt of having.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you!