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Longhorn Hat in Black

Longhorn Hat in Black

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What is it

Hand sewn, hand drawn, full grain leather patches on a Richardson cap. The longhorn is known to be an aggressor and protector. A single longhorn can (and has been known to) kill off packs of wolves to protect the cattle. Longhorns can survive in harsh weather, are adaptable and resilient.

Why you'll love it

Our authentic and full grain leather patches only get better with age. As you wear our hats, the leather ages and darkens into a deeper, more rustic color. Our designs are also original and hand drawn. The Richardson hats are breathable with its mesh backing, and adjustable with a snapback backing. Richardson hats are known to be durable and will withstand nearly anything. 

Our Promise

We believe in our products; so much so that we offer a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. See our FAQ regarding our warranty. 

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